Why spend hours searching for visibility, when we already have your perfect network?

The Podcast Connector® is taking Podcast Guest Outreach & Pitching to an Entire whole new level. 
With years of experience with top-tier Podcasters like Mind Pump Media, Ben Greenfield, Max Lugavere, Jordan Younger, Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams, Melissa Ambrosini, Sahara Rose, and many more, we have been able to create personalized pitches for each unique Host & Guest.

We understand the value of a Podcast and how effective it is for a business, that is why everyone deserves to be treated like a VIP, allowing Visionaries & New-Thought Leaders to actually get the chance they deserve to be heard & seen on some of the most aligned shows in their industry.

Jennifer Longmore, The Podcast Connector®’s CEO, has been both a host and guest on various radio and podcast platforms, along with tons of major media exposure. She spent much of that time doing her own pitches and learning how to connect with gatekeepers to get "through the door". She wished that a service like this was available back then as it would've saved her a lot of time and allowed her to accelerate her expert platform even quicker and with greater impact sooner. She has also invested a lot in PR agencies and knows how it feels to not see results which is why she has chosen to add "guaranteed bookings" as a non-negotiable in TPC.

Through her lens as a PR client, she's not interested in knowing how many pitches were made, she wants to know how many interviews are booked (and she knows that this is what you want to)! We know the value of your time and money and are 100% committed to results.

This is why we dedicate time to creating a bespoke plan for how and where to pitch you so that you simply show up, share your brilliance, and walk away with tons of evergreen digital assets (your interviews) to build your authority, attract more media, and increase your magnetism for a steady flow of ideal clients clamoring to work with you! We'd love to help you build your expert platform through the power of podcast guesting.